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Girls’ Q&A Book on Friendship Blog Tour Continues…

November 5, 2014

50 Ways to Fix a Friendship without the DRAMA

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UPDATE: (Dec. 10th) Just hit the last stop on The Girls’ Q&A Book on Friendship Book blog tour. Since October, I’ve stopped at 21 blogs and answered more than 90 friendship-related questions. As usual, every time I answer a question, I learn something valuable. Thank you to all of my blog tour hosts. You are exceptional friends and I’m grateful to have you in my life. I’m also appreciative of the awesome work you do with kids and parents, to make the world a safer, saner place for everyone.


I’m still on the virtual road answering real friendship questions and letting girls and parents and teachers know that when it comes to curtailing the spread of Mean Girl Disease, we can do better. Recent additions are:


For my complete itinerary, here’s the original post»

Girls' Q&A Book Blog Tour Bus. Fueled by good will and good friendship strategies. Zero carbon emissions.

Girls’ Q&A Book Blog Tour Bus. Fueled by good  friendship strategies. Zero social garbage emissions.

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