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Life lessons from the berry patch

July 20, 2009

The fruits of my labor

The fruits of my labor

“What am I doing here?” I wondered, venturing deeper into the blackberry thicket. “This isn’t what I planned for today.”  I’d planned to finish the first draft of the chapter I’m writing for a future installment of Middle School Confidential. Actually, that was my plan for last Friday. Didn’t happen. Can’t even remember exactly why. Maybe I spent too much time in the garden inhaling the lavender. It’s possible. Anyway, Friday was a wash.

Saturday looked like a promising writing day, but with the Open Garden Project in the morning, making focaccia for a friend’s birthday and teleporting it and us to that fine celebration… well, scratch Saturday.

By Sunday morning I’d scrubbed and primed my work ethic. My desk was clear. My notes organized. But then we remembered that we hadn’t yet seen Harry Potter. So that was that.

Which brings me to today. Got an early start. Then I had to bake muffins. What else was I to do with those decomposing bananas? Twitter my fruit fly followers and invite them for lunch?

When David and I finished  breakfast I couldn’t believe it was 12:24! That’s late even by Fox standards. (No we are not sloths. We’re highly productive freelance telecommuters who just happen to keep odd hours, thank you very much.)

By 12:45 I  really was all set to resume work on my chapter. But we had a package that had to go out today. And since we missed the mailman we had to walk it down the hill to the mailbox.

After that I really should have gone home with David. But I wanted to snag some blackberries. I mean, really, the season is sooooo short and right now they’re pretty much at their peak of indigo lusciousness. Couldn’t resist… weak-willed mortal that I am. So that’s how I happened to be in the berry patch. And even though I haven’t officially started my “work day” (now it’s 4:27 and I’m blogging, which doesn’t actually count) recriminations aside, there is much wisdom to be gained by not following The Plan. For example:

1. You can’t hurry love or fruit.

2. Rewards require effort unless you hit the lottery.

3. Take what you need and leave the rest otherwise you piss people off.

4. Avoid thorns and thorny individuals.

5. Everyone reaches full potential in their own time.

6. Sometimes it’s nice to be where no one can reach you.

7. Go for the low-hanging fruit first, that’s why it’s there.

8. If you hide your gifts, you risk being underappreciated or overlooked.

9. Monday is just a word, not a sentence.

10. Blackberry juice stains. – Yep.

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