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Olympic Love

February 14, 2014

Jeremy Abbott down

Sometimes we’re down

Jeremy Abbott came down so hard on his right hip he just lay there, his music weaving on without him. But the crowd of Russians who adore skaters and know a thing or two about overcoming adversity would not abandon him.

They clapped in unison. They cheered encouragement. They sent  a tidal wave of compassion across the ice aimed at the broken skater pressed against the wall. All that love, with its powerful mojo, washed over Jeremy and he stirred, got to his feet and glided forward into the hearts of the crowd. He skated the rest of his program, through the pain, like an angel in love.

Jeremy Abbott lifted up

Sometimes we are lifted so high

When he took his final bow, the crowd stood and roared their approval.  Jeremy Abbott graciously savored his Olympic moment. Who needs a medal when you have this?

Teachable Moment: Life knocks us down. Love raises us up. 



Even at the Olympics what goes up must come down

February 13, 2014

Love may be cruel, but gravity is heartless. Unlike Cupid, the big G isn’t out to make a fool of you, but it will get you no matter how long you’ve practiced, what you’ve sacrificed, how many prizes you’ve racked up, how much you want this one, or who is watching. It just doesn’t care.

Ask Shaun White.



Or Yuki Tsubota. (Speedy recovery, Yuki!)


Or Marreo Guarise.



Or Arianna Fontana and Elise Christie.

Didn't see that coming

Didn’t see that coming

We are wired to wince. It pains us to see one of our fellow humans take a tumble. But when it’s our own child… man, that can be brutal. But even the most diligent snowplow parent, hell-bent all obstacles from their child’s path, cannot prevent gravity from doing its thing.

Teachable Moment: Your kids will fall. They’ll get hurt. Give them a hug. Kiss the boo-boo. Tell them you love them, you’re proud of them. And make sure they wear a helmet.

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