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What’s Up With My Family?

August 14, 2014

Your Mom sees one dirty spoon on the sink counter and starts yelling. You politely ask Dad for movie money and he walks past you muttering something about “…growing on trees.” You excitedly tell your daughter, “Keep Saturday open, sweetie, we’re going…” but before you finish, she bursts into tears. Your son is nothing but rude to his little brother and when you try to reason with him he loudly accuses you of not loving him.

What's up with my family? There's an app for that!

What’s up with my family? There’s an app for that!

Later you sit at the dinner table. No one talks or even looks at each other. Yet you’re all connected by a silent question: “What’s up with my family?!”

What’s that you say? Never wondered about that? Bolderdash! For centuries parents and kids have asked themselves “What’s up with my family?” Now, finally, here in the glorious Digital Age, there comes an app with some answers!! I know it’s good, because I wrote it. But don’t just take my word for it, here’s what Carisa Kluver of Digital Storytime has to say:

Fox covers issues that range from over-protective parents to abandonment and loss deftly in this graphic novel for readers 10 and up. What’s Up with My Family? is a book app with brilliant storytelling, movie-quality sound effects and seamlessly integrated features. Electric Eggplant has set the gold standard for presenting graphic novels in the digital realm. My highest recommendation!

Bolderdash aside, when it comes right down to it, we love our family. We really do! And sometimes they drive us nuts. Without doubt, we sometimes do our part to drive them nuts too. Even though all families are different, they all have ups and downs.

This is an app for every kid (and parent) who’s ever wondered, “What’s Up With My Family?” It may help you understand the people in your family better. It may also help you use your power to improve things at home. Sometimes you can do that by talking about how you feel. Sometimes, change happens when you shift your attitude and decide to be more cooperative.

Get it now, for your family and you might start talking and laughing at dinner again.

(Press release can be viewed here.)



November 12, 2011

Annie Fox, on the air at 415.ASK.AFOX

Annie Fox, coming soon to a radio near you.

You know how sometimes a conversation can be life-changing? We had one of those yesterday. Even before we finished talking, we knew we were on to something. It was raining. Good day to be inside. Me and David and two neighbors around our dining table. And yes, there were muffins involved. Let me just say for the record, Robin Gianattassio-Malle and Rose  Malle-Gianattassio aren’t just folks we wave at while walking the dog. These women are seasoned, savvy professionals in the areas of media production and business strategies with their own Blue Egg Media company. David, Rose, Robin and I are also kindred spirits. And friends. Lucky for us.

What started as a general question “What are your goals for the coming year?” turned into… “Let’s create a radio show where Annie talks about raising healthy kids by answering parenting questions. And since there’s nothing more compelling than actually hearing the voice of a parent describing what they’re going through, let’s bring in those voices.”

So we’re creating a pilot for a radio show. First step, collect the voices of people who could use help with a parent-child relationship.  If you’re interested in getting your parenting question answered in a future radio show, please call 415.ASK.AFOX (415.275.2369) and leave a voice mail message.  By leaving your question on our voice mail, you give us permission to use your voice recording. You can include your name if you want to or not, but we will need your email address.  Even if we don’t use your recording in the show, I promise I’ll answer your question anyway.

Oh, and one other thing, when you call, you won’t be put “live” on the air so don’t worry about how you look. It’s just a recording.

That’s it. That’s the big idea. I can help you and together we can help other parents. Just call 415.ASK.AFOX and tell me about your current parenting challenge. I’ll take it from there.


App Friday: Be Confident sale – $.99 May 6th only

May 6, 2011

"Be Confident" on sale for $.99 (May 6, 2011 only)

Fridays are inherently cool. App Fridays are especially welcome because that’s when Moms With Apps* features their weekly link exchange of family-friendly apps. And guess who’s featured today? That would be me and David (aka Electric Eggplant). Which is why,  for today, Friday, May 6th 2011, our Middle School Confidential app (aka Be Confident) is on sale for 99 cents. Got a 4th-8th grader? Got access to an iPad. For $.99 you can give that kid you love something (s)he wants more than anything… the gift of confidence to be who they really are.

MWA: seeking to promote quality apps for kids and families

*Never heard of Moms With Apps!? Let me tell you, for newbie app developers like me and David, this wonderfully supportive consortium that’s committed to quality kid and family content, has been the difference between stumbling and bumbling on all-fours vs. having a lighted path to walk on. We’re grateful for their friendship and ongoing support, so here’s a plug for them. They’ve launched their own app the Moms With Apps App Catalogue (of apps, of course!) Check ’em out.

Update (May 7th, 2011): Our app has now returned to its normal price of $3.99. Download our Be Confident iPad app.


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